Meet Chung Jae

Small beginnings to success

In the begining...

Chung Jae and his wife Sam, with their love of dining out, good food and wine, started off with a small 30-seater place in a little laneway where they soon learnt the do’s and do not’s of restaurant life. After 18 months, a restaurant became vacant in Gouger Street, the main eating hub of Adelaide.

Chung Jae decided to get it as there had been a fire in this location and in Korean culture this means good luck for a business venture.

Be it luck or Chung Jae’s exceptional culinary skills – the restaurant headed for success.

Creating a stir

Named Mapo, after his home, Chung Jae introduced Adelaide and Australia to a unique cuisine and culture. Chung Jae developed his dishes with his own twist – he puts love into every dish and decorates with his own style.

Chung Jae and his team at Mapo went on to receive many awards thanks to Chung Jae’s skills, hard work and passion for good food. Chung Jae sold Mapo in 2013 and headed North to sunny Darwin to set up kitchen in an impressive new 4.5 star hotel where his role was executive chef at Seoul Food.

With his unique skills stirring the food scene in the “cosmo” food scene in Darwin he was quickly snapped up as Ambassador for NT, Restaurant Australia.

Top end tales

Chung Jae opened Little Miss Korea in 2015, which took out its first award after two weeks of opening, featuring traditional Korean Charcoal BBQ and a modern a la carte menu, adjoining this industrial restaurant in an old Woolworths building is his first bar The Loading Bay was Darwin’s first small bar with a heavy influence on Gin…

Chung Jae sold LMK and the Loading Bay in December 2023 and is now back in SA.

With heart & Seoul

Chung Jae's passion for food, however, didn't stop in Darwin. Back in Adelaide in 2019, alongside his wife Sam, he opened Seoul Sisters. Named after their two daughters, Seoul Sisters pays homage to their Korean heritage and Chung Jae's culinary roots.

This charming cafe, situated on the vibrant Halifax Street, offers a delightful twist – Korean-inspired breakfasts and lunches. Here, you can indulge in a range of delectable treats, refreshing drinks, and aromatic Dimattina coffee, all crafted with a touch of Korea.