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Kimchi DIY Kit - GO JARLESS!

Kimchi DIY Kit - GO JARLESS!

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Kimchi, a world-class superfood, originated some 3,000 years ago in Korea. Koreans have a deep affinity for Kimchi and consider it essential to their daily lives. It is an integral part of the Korean diet and is widely served in the home and out in restaurants, on flights and in hospitals. People around the world are increasingly discovering and enjoying its numerous health benefits.

There have been remarkable claims of health benefits enjoyed from regular consumption of Kimchi.  Undoubtedly, Kimchi is a nutritious and flavourful food that has gained popularity worldwide.

In Korea, pickling vegetables is a significant culinary tradition, owing to the country's four distinct seasons. At the end of summer, Kimchi is traditionally prepared and preserved in clay pots. However, with the rise of technology giants like LG and Samsung, most Korean households now possess a specialized Kimchi Fridge dedicated solely to storing various types of Kimchi. Additionally, Seoul even boasts a Kimchi museum, emphasizing the cultural and historical significance of this beloved dish.

It is with great honor and pleasure that I bring you my Kimchi recipe, for you to create and enjoy at home with your very own Kimchi Kit. With easy step by step instructions, enjoy creating this delicious and nutritious Kimchi recipe that I fondly make for my children, family and friends.

Kit Contains:

  • 1 x Squid Sauce
  • 1 x Salt Sachet
  • 1 x Glutinous Rice Flour Sachet
  • 1 x Granulated garlic, ginger, sugar & gochugaru sachet
  • 1 x Orignal Chung Jae Lee Kimchi Recipe Card
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Kimchi DIY Kit - GO JARLESS!
Kimchi DIY Kit - GO JARLESS!
Kimchi DIY Kit - GO JARLESS!
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